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Welcome to the Koror State Government website. Here you will be able to learn more about the island of Koror, it's Governor, Legislature, the laws for the state of Koror, and much more. Find out how the Koror State Government is organized by viewing our organizational chart.


Feel free to explore the website and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you.


Governor Yositaka Adachi

About Our Governor

I am truly proud and blessed to serve this state as one among the progeny who have lived to see our government evolve...


About Our Governor

Get to know your Koror State Legislators and learn more about their interests and their hobbies. Learn more...

Beautiful Coral Reef

About Our Governor

The more than 426 Rock Islands lie in a 23 mile long lagoon between Koror and Peleliu.


Koror State Flag
Facts About the Koror State Flag

Flying high in front of the Capitol Building of Koror State is a symbol of new beginnings for the people of Koror as they grow and evolve democratically while working alongside our traditional leaders for a well balanced and an open government.


On the ocean of blue as the background tells a story of our greater resource, the vast ocean around us. The golden crescent moon symbolizes the new government evolving and growing with the six stars in unity. The six stars represent the six hamlets of Koror State. The larger star in the middle dividing six stars in half, demonstrates the union of the NgaraMeketii and RubekulKeldeu. The two separate leaders that once were separate, now united as one Body of Traditional Leaders of Koror. In the center of the circle is the traditional meetinghouse called "Bai". Bai will always remind us that we are sheltered in our heritage, resting on the strong stone platform, with our ten traditional leaders as our strong foundation.


In essence, the flag is a reminder that the People of Koror are protected by their Democratic Government and Traditional Leaders as they as people of traditional and heritage while growing with the Republic of Palau.


What's in the Name?

Koror is a word derived from "Sureor" - a native word meaning "somebody who does not want to take something" which comes from "Ureor" meaning "to work". The natives now call their land "Oreor" - a place of work. A suitable name for this unique place known for its environmental conscience, its pristine waters and the amazing Seventy Islands huddled together as brothers guarding the home for the birds in the air while preserving rich corals and marine life.


The island of Koror is rich in culture and traditions surrounded by its pristine waters linking the rock islands across the sea from east to west. A place of environmental conscience and cherished heritage, it has one of the most unique and diverse marine environments in the Republic of Palau.



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