House of Traditional Leaders

The House of Traditional Leaders (Rubekul ma Remechesil Oreor) is made up of ten (10) chiefs from Central Koror known as Ngarameketii and seven (7) chiefs known as RubekulKeldeu from the rural hamlets. These chiefs are appointed by their matriarchal counterparts, usually an immediate relative like a sister or a mother, or another high ranking matriarch within the same clan. These high-ranking matriarchs are known as Kerngab.


Ngarameketii and their Matriarchal Counterparts in Ranking Order


Rank Patriarch Chief Chief Matriarchs
1 Ibedul Bilung
2 Ngiraikelau Mirair
3 Rechucher-ra-Ioulidid Dirremengiau
4 Rechucher-ra-Techekii Techekii
5 Kloteraol Sumech
6 Ngircheteet Tmikou
7 Rubasch Ochob
8 Rekesiwang Uodelchad
9 Kldnguul-ra-Ngermeriil Ucheliou
10 Kldnguul-ra-Techemding Tngesik


Rubekulkeldeu & Rubak-el-Dil


Hamlet Patriarch Chief Matriarchal Counterpart
Ngermid Recheiungel EbilRecheiungel
Ngerkesoaol Adelbairekesoaol Rimuu
Ngerchemai Iyechaderchemai Uchelbil-ra-Kumer
Iyebukel Rdulaol Uodelchad-ra-Siwal
Ngerbeched Iyechadribukel Bechekeldil
Meyuns Uchel Uchelebil
Ngerkebesang Espangel Uodelchad



Traditional Leadership of the State of Koror is the supreme authority of the state for all matters relating to traditional law. They are the advisory counsel to the Governor on traditional matters. They also approve any major agreement to which the Government of Koror State is a party relating to traditional law. They have the power to submit to the Legislature proposed bills; represent the State to other states, to the National Government of the Republic of Palau or any foreign country for traditional purposes only.


Kerngab, the High-ranking Matriarchs of Koror, is a separate organization with different traditional functions. Bilung and Mirair head the Kerngab that all matters concerning women are referred to them for appropriate consideration and action pusuan to traditional law.