Solid Waste Management Office


About Us


Solid Waste ManagementThe solid waste management office was inducted in 2004 in an effort to tackle the ever-growing waste problems in this bustling state of Koror. At the very beginning, the office was merely responsible for the collection and disposal of wastes from some residences in Koror. After several feasible studies and surveys conducted by our staff and other agencies involved, the goal and objective of the office became the reduction of volume of waste being generated and disposed into the landfill, and also turning different types of wastes into useful resources through the 3R system. Ever since the initiation of the solid waste management office, several programs have been implemented towards this goal thus enabling Koror State to embark on the journey to become an eco-friendly society.


Please explore around our webpage to learn more about our different 3R programs and activities and find out more about how you as an individual can do to be a part of our strive towards a better future.


Agnecy roles


Bureau of Public Works, Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industries and Commerce

To Operate and maintain M-Dock Landfill, conduct public awareness programs to promote 3R, coordinate with state governments regarding solid waste issues and overall implementation of the Natinoal Solid Waste Management Plan (NSWMP).


Environmental Quality Protection Board (EQPB)

Enforcement of solid waste management regulations under the EQPB Regulation.


Koror State Solid Waste Management Office, Koror State Government

To Be involved in recycling projects, collection and transportation, waste survey, composting and educational programs and material recovery. Other states are managing their own dumpsites.


Ministry of Health

Prevention and monitoring of unsanitary conditions regarding solid waste in private and public places throughout Palau. Conduct public awareness throughout Palau. Treatment of medical waste by incineration.