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Redemption CenterOne of the main impacts of tourism and infrastructure is the disposal of solid waste in Palau. And one of Palau's most visible forms of pollution is the dumping of beverage containers throughout the island. In 2005, a survey showed that 11 million aluminum cans are imported into Palau annually, not to mention other beverage containers such as plastics, glass, etc. These containers are recyclable and should not be dumped in landfills. Availability of funds appropriated annually to solid waste management was inadequate, however, the recycling law created a recycling fund design to sustain the recycling program and its 3R activities. Accordingly, the recycling fund is projected as a sustainable financial mechanism for solid waste management in the Republic and now the recycling program is in full operation.


Laws and regs


Collection of CansThe following law and regulation were developed, and a Memorandum of Understanding was adapted subsequently as needed.


The Republic of Palau Public Law - RPPL No. 7-24


  • Establishing a recycling program for the Republic of Palau, establishing a beverage container deposit fee, creating a recycling fund, and for other related purposes
  • To place responsiblity for differing aspects of the national beverage container recycling program on two Ministries of the National Government, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industries and Commerse (MPIIC) and the Ministry of Finance (MOF)

Beverage Container Recycling RegulationsCollection of Cans


  • These regulations assign respective responsibilities over the beverage container recycling program to both MOF and MPIIC


Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): between MPIIC, MOF, and Koror State Government (KSG)


  • MOF will advance funds to KSG for redeeming the beverage containers while retaining the $0.025 per container redeemed as compensation
  • Before exhaustion of the fund by KSG, KSG will submit proof of refunds paid to MOF and request for additional funds
  • KSG will operate the redemption center under the directives of MPIIC

Procedure for redeeming beverage containers


  1. Upon arriving at the center, register your name.
  2. Determine what lane you should be in:
    1. Business Lane - 10,000 redeemable and above
    2. Express Lane - 3,000 redeemable and below
  3. Receive a receipt upon completing redeemable count
  4. Bring receipt to KSG Finance office
  5. Disbursement of cash if under $50.00, if total is over that amount you will get a check at a later assigned date


The program is provided by the following sponsors: