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year main activities   activities/input
  • Establishment of SWM Office
  • Action Plan of Waste Reduction in KSG was developed in SPREP training
  • Installed Waste Segregation Stations (WSS) as pilot project for data collection in two selected hamlets
  • Recruitment for poster child for friendly sign boards began; installed in strategic areas in Koror
  • Generation Survey was conducted
  • Segregation Station survey was conducted
  • Composting Pilot Project was conducted
  • JICA Senior Volunteer started activities (period: 2005-2006), he has been recruiting as a consultant afterward
  • Recycling law for the Container Deposit Fee Program was drafted
  • Time and Motion study was conducted
  • Collection trucks (5) were purchased by KSG
  • Budget for constructing a composting facility was secured
  • JICA Solid Waste Management Project has launched (period:2006-2008)
  • Container Deposit Fee Program was signed by President, enacted into law RPPL 7-24
  • Public hearing regarding Waste Segregation Station and 3R activity was conducted
  • First Segregation Stations (25) were installed as Pilot Project
  • Composting facility started construction and the equipments were installed (period: 2007-2008)
  • Data collection started from WSS
  • Coordinating efforts with hamlet legislators to gain public support to utilize the waste units
  • Submitted waste data along with the strategic objectives of sustainable waste management towards energy cost savings
  • Submitted proposal through OERC for the Venezuela Fund, UN Towards a solar energy panel
  • KSG installed solar panels
  • Began recruiting personnel to work at compost facility
  • Research for policies and plans on SWM to compile National Solid Waste Management Plan (NSWMP)
  • NSWMP was finalized
  • Composting facility opened
  • Started construction of Redemption center
  • Equipments for Redemption center were donated from Japanese Grass-roots Fund and installed
  • Public announcement aired by radio about the compost facility
  • Coordinated financial mechanism with Department of Finance of KSG for composting and container deposit fee program
  • Establish partnership with hotel to collect kitchen waste
  • Began recruiting personnel to work at the Redemption Center including Financial officers
  • Collection trucks (4) were donated through Japanese Grass-roots Fund
  • Coordinating efforts with National Government to start Deposit Program
  • Redemption Center opened
  • J-PRISM has launched (period: 2011-2015)
  • Household Composting Project (ICETT) under Japanese Grass-roots project was launched (period: 2012-2013)
  • Donation for construction of Waste Segregation Station from Japanese Grass-roots Fund
  • Established support group from Japan (ICETT) to provide technical and educational assistance, and skills on techniques in making compost
  • Counting machine was installed
  • Collection trucks (2) were purchased
  • Redemption Center was extended
  • New Project (Waste to Energy) started